Apples from Bird of the Hand Farm



Today I took a lovely fall drive out to Sterling, Ma to visit Cathy Harragian in her orchard at Bird of the Hand Farm. She drove me into her orchard and pointed out all of the different varieties of apples that she grows here (Macintosh, Cortland, Jonagold, Wealthy and Northern Spy just to name a few). Cathy is a former landscaper turned Organic apple farmer about 6 years ago and it’s clear she takes extreme pride and care when tending to her orchard. She utilizes natural and organic methods along with the ability to use what nature presents to her – wasps are welcome here!


The orchard is certified organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers and we picked up some perfectly ripe Macintosh apples for our store and home delivery customers.




Cathy sells her apples at her self serve farm stand at 33 School Street, Sterling MA if you are in the area, stop by and support your local farmer!

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