Terms of Service

Isador’s Organics Terms and Conditions

1. Substitutions

Isador’s Fruit & Deli will purchase a variety of fruit and produce based on your preferences, season, availability and price. While we will make every effort to notify you when what you will be receiving varies from the produce boxes listed on our website, periodic last-minute substitutions may be required due to the nature of produce supply and demand. If you would like to make a substitution, Isador’s Fruit & Deli will allow one substitution of equal value per delivery. All substitution requests must be made 24 hours prior to your expected delivery. Please contact nicole@isadors.com or (508) 987-1211 option 3 with substitution requests.

2. Keeping Your Produce Fresh

Isador’s Fruit & Deli highly recommends that you to set out a cooler to keep the freshness of the produce that we deliver. If available, our driver will place your produce in your cooler. If no cooler is left, we will leave the your produce in the cardboard box that it is shipped in. Isador’s is not responsible for any decline in the quality of your produce if a cooler (and ice, if required) is not available on your delivery day. If you receive a cardboard box, please leave the empty box out on your next expected delivery day so that we are able to reuse or recycle it.

3. Cancellation Policy and Related Fees
All of our delivery options are non-committal. This means that you can cancel at any time, provided you give us 48 hours notice. Failure to provide 48 hours notice if you plan to leave town or do not wish not to receive a delivery for a given week will result in a $20 re-stock fee. Declined credit cards (including expired cards and insufficient funds) will result in a $5 service charge and $20 re-stock fee. If you need to update your billing and/or delivery preferences, you may use our online portal available at http://portal.isadors.com/ or call (508) 987-1211 option 3.

4. Missed Deliveries/ Missing Items
Customers are responsible for expecting and retrieving the produce on their assigned delivery day. If you do not receive your delivery when expected, or if your delivery is missing expected items, please call Isador’s immediately at (508) 987-1211 option 3. Failure to notify us promptly of any missed deliveries or missing items may result in delays in receiving your produce.

By using our services you acknowledge and agree to these terms of service.