The Omni Box, Version 1

Anything goes with our Omni Box, and Isador’s can arrange to have it hand delivered to your door, or you could save some money by picking it up at one of our drop off locations!

The Omni Box changes every week by size, variety and price.

This Omni Box is available for sale only between 6/28 and 7/03.

Number of Omni Boxes available as of 6/28, 3:00pm: 6

For next day in store pick up, it’s $25. Please reserve yours by calling 508-987-1211

For home delivery, it’s $30. Please reserve yours by contacting


  • Pearl Onions (Bunch), Pete’s Greens
  • Eggs (Dozen), Twin Oaks Farm
  • Summer Squash (1 Pound), Kitchen Garden Farm
  • Carrots with Tops (Bunch), Kitchen Garden Farm
  • Garlic Scape (Bunch), Abundance Family Farm
  • Salad Turnips (Bunch), Abundance Family Farm
  • Butterhead Lettuce (Head), Abundance Family Farm
  • Celery (Bunch), Kitchen Garden Farm