Super Bowl Specials

Big Sandwiches:

Includes 2 small sides: Retro Potato Salad, Jalapeno Coleslaw, Penne Poppyseed, Mac n’ Cheese, Boston Baked Beans, Cheesy Corn

Tampa Bay Cuban – Roast pork and ham with Swiss, pickles, lime-orange mojo, and house mustard on a pressed Cuban loaf $12.99

Kansas City Riblet – MO-lasses bbq slather country-style pork riblet on a toasted Milano roll $12.99

I’m here just for The Weekend: (pictured) Porchetta, pickled red onion, sauce verde, arugula. $12.99


Taco Kit – Fun for everyone! Standard with every kit: cheddar jack, house salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, refried pinto bean puree, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, tortilla corn chips, and fresh lime. served with soft flour tortillas. Serves 3-5 people.

Ancho chicken: $35

The meats: (Ground beef, Ancho chicken, Chorizo) $40

Chili con Carne: Small $4.50, Large $6