Grocery Add-On List

Below is a list of items that we have available to be added on to your weekly or bi-weekly produce box delivery. This list will be updated weekly.

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Last Updated: 9/18/17



  • Organic Cubanelle Peppers $7.99/lb (Kitchen Garden Farm, MA)
  • Organic Bunched Rainbow Carrots $5.99/bunch (Pete’s Greens, VT)
  • Organic Mixed Beets $5.99 (Kitchen Garden Farm, MA)
  • Organic Mixed Cipollini Onions $8.49 (Pete’s Greens, VT)
  • Organic Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers $7.59/lb (Kitchen Garden Farm, MA)
  • Organic Pink Desiree Potatoes $5.99/lb (Kitchen Garden Farm, MA)
  • Eco-Grown Sansa Apples $3.99/lb (Champlain Orchards, VT)
  • Eco-Grown William’s Pride Apples $ (Champlain Orchards, VT)
  • Organic Green Kale $4.99/bunch (Pete’s Greens, VT)
  • Organic Carnival Squash $3.99/lb (Old Friend’s Farm, MA)


  • Organic Kiwi $6.89/lb
  • Organic Red Grapefruit $4.99/lb
  • Organic Avocado $8.29/lb


~Organic Dried Tulsi Flowers for Stress Relieving Tea $9.59/oz (Sawmill Herb Farm, MA)

~Pesticide Free Honey $8.59/8oz jar (Northwoods Apiaries, VT)

~Organic Sriracha (Kitchen Garden Farm,  MA)

  • Regular $8.99/bottle
  • Habanero $10.49/bottle
  • Ghost Pepper $16.49/bottle

Movie Night Special! Buy together for $15.99

  • LOCAL Full Sun GMO-Free Canola Oil $10.49 (Full Sun Co, VT)
  • Local Yellow Organic Corn $7.49/lb

~Elmhurst Dairy Farm – No Growth Hormones! (Millbury MA)

  • Whole or Skim Half Gallon $3.00

~Twin Oak Farm – Mixed Variety Pasture Raised  HEN Eggs $5.50/doz (Whitinsville MA) 

~Twin Oak Farm – Mixed Variety Pasture Raised DUCK Eggs $8.50/doz (Whitinsville MA) 



MORE Fridge & Pantry Items:

~Smart Chicken Organic Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts (frozen) $9.49/1lb package

~NEW! Nuna Organic Oven Roasted Deli Turkey. GMO-Free, GF, Preservative Free, No fillers. $14.99/lb

~ Grateful Harvest Organic Beef Jerky $9.99/3oz (Original, Peppered, or Teriyaki)


House Made Items: 

~Retro Potato Salad $3.49/lb

~Penne Poppy Seed Salad $3.49/lb

~Tortellini Antipasto Salad $4.99/lb

~Jalapeno Coleslaw $5.99/lb

~Hummus $4.99/lb

~House Made Ranch Dressing $5.89/16oz

~House Made BBQ Sauce $5.89/16oz

Boar’s Head Deli Product List:


  • Smoked Turkey $9.89/lb
  • Ovengold Turkey $9.89/lb
  • EverRoast Chicken $9.89/lb
  • Black Forest Ham $11.89/lb
  • Genoa Salami $8.99/lb
  • Hot Capocollo $8.99/lb
  • Mortadella $8.99/lb
  • Pepperoni $11.69/lb


  • Provolone $8.99/lb
  • Cheddar $7.99/lb
  • Gold Swiss $8.99/lb
  • White American Cheese $7.99/lb


Questions?  Contact Nicole at 508-987-1211 ext 3