Local Produce & Retail Items

Below is a list of items that we have available to be added on to your Locavore Produce Box for in-store pickup. This list will be updated weekly.

Updated: 12/2/18




  • Eco-Grown Crimson Crisp Apples $3.99/lb Champlain Orchards, VT
  • Organic Rainbow Carrots $4.99/lb Pete’s Greens, VT
  • Sustainable Spring Mix $5.49/5oz clam Little Leaf Farm, MA
  • Organic Red Beets $4.79/lb Pete’s Greens, VT
  • Organic Watermelon Radish $5.69/lb Atlas Farm, MA
  • Organic Pac Choi $7.99/lb Pete’s Greens, VT
  • Organic Baby Blue Hubbard Squash $2.99/lb Burnt Rock Farm, VT
  • Organic Purple Potatoes (Bora Valley) $3.99/lb Burnt Rock Farm, VT
  • Organic Arrowhead Cabbage $3.59/lb Pete’s Greens, VT




~Real Pickles Organic Red Pepper Hot Sauce $6.99/5oz  (Greenfield, MA)

~Stonybrook Wholehearted Sweet Chili Butternut Squash Pepitas $4.29/3oz (Brockport, NY)

~Champlain Orchards Apple Butter $9.99/7oz jar

~Full Moon Cacao Ghee OR Regular Ghee $14.99/4oz jar

~Hosta Hill Gochu Curry Krautonic $10.99/16oz (Housatonic, MA)

~Real Pickles Organic Pickled Beets $8.99/15oz jar (Greenfield, MA)

~Real Pickles Organic Turmeric Sauerkraut $10.99/15 oz jar (Greenfield, MA)

~Real Pickles Organic Kim Chi  $10.99/15oz jar (Greenfield, MA)

~Real Pickles Organic Beet Kvass $4.99/10oz jar (Greenfield, MA)

~Square Deal Organic Amber Maple Syrup $14.99/half pint (Hardwick, VT)

~North Star Farms Wheat Berries – GMO-Free $10.49/2lb bag (Northfield, MA)

~Still Thyme Botanical Soda (Rose Balm, Hibiscus Mint, Holy Basil) $4.50/bottle (Middlesex, VT)

~Carr’s Ciderhouse Apple Cider Vinegar – Organic $16.99/12.7 oz bottle (Hadley, MA)

~Pesticide Free Honey $8.59/8oz jar (Raw or Buckwheat) (Northwoods Apiaries, VT)

Movie Night Special! Buy together for $15.99

  • LOCAL Full Sun GMO-Free Canola Oil $10.49 (Full Sun Co, VT)
  • Local Yellow Organic Corn $7.49/lb

~Twin Oak Farm – Mixed Variety Pasture Raised  HEN Eggs $5.50/doz (Whitinsville MA)

Questions?  Contact Nicole at 508-987-1211 ext 3